Getty Images
my images for sale as a Getty Images contributor.
see more of my images here.
Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ)
Really delighted to have my Licentiate portfolio featured as one of only six example sets
Rangiora Photographic Society (RPS)
If you live in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, this is a great photographic club to join with really wonderful and talented people.
Paul Simon Wheeler
total genius - quite brilliant art photography!
Lucie Averill
talented and creative, take a look at these pictures by Lucie Averill and be truly amazed.
Nick Twyford
beautiful and creative - a true master of seascape and landscape.
David Noton
professional travel photographer David Noton - masterful!
Joe Cornish
what can I say, absolutely stunning landscapes.
Charlie Waite
renowned landscape photographer and TV personality.
Colin Prior
the master of panoramic landscape photography.
David Taylor
excellent website and images from pro David Taylor.
Helen Dixon
wonderful images to blow you away, a real expert on the use of graduated filters and the use of light.