My interest in photography started well over 25 years ago, at that time I was intrigued as to how high quality images in books and magazines etc were achieved compared to the ubiquitous low quality snaps most of us are familiar with.

My first serious camera was an Olympus OM2n, a beautiful lightweight piece of engineering, which together with a standard 50mm lens, a 28mm wide angle and a 75-150mm zoom allowed me to start learning how to take pictures. I spent some time learning about composition, the importance of the quality of light, depth of field, shutter speeds and aperture effects etc etc and developing an 'eye' for a pleasing image. I then upgraded to an Olympus OM4 about six or seven years later with its multi spot metering being then, and still unique. My interest in photography continued but waned a bit until I traded it in for a Nikon F90X, a lovely camera which I used extensively.

Originally transparency film was always my preference and I stayed with Kodak Ektachrome in its various guises down the years and latterly I used the VS (vivid saturation) version which I preferred to Fuji Velvia. More recently I have been using digital capture with a Nikon D200, a Nikon D7100 and a Nikon D800e.

I consider the images on this site to be fine quality, not fine art photographs which by their nature are very different (and which I am also intrigued by) but well composed and colourful images of places and themes which I have enjoyed and hope through this medium you do too.

Black and white images and infra red are also areas which I will be exploring. Photographing people is something I would like to develop further, not conventional portraits or reportage style but something a bit different.

If you have any constructive comments about the images you see here I would be delighted to hear from you.

I am currently living in New Zealand and taking advantage of the most beautiful opportunities for photography.

Thank you for viewing this site, I hope you enjoy the images.

Take care now